Sunday, November 14, 2010

let the crazy christmas making madness begin

after a super amazing month hanging out with my gorgeous Mum and having said our sad goodbyes at the airport yesterday, I'm feeling at a loss and in need of some crafting activity to distract me away from the sadness.

as I type this instalment, my completely amazing husband is transforming the third bedroom, (guest room) into a working space so I can begin with all the projects I have lined up and waiting. 
tick, space. 
not sure about finding time though. I guess I will have to become a night owl and survive on minimal sleep for the next month.

night time will be the only time I will have to complete all my tasks as my 19 month old is currently very demanding on my time and energy as you would expect a 19 month old to be.

better stock up on fish fingers too.....

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