Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a pleasant distraction

ok, so I've been a little slack over the past week. 
it's been a while.( why do i feel like I'm in a confession booth or something?).

work has definitely taken a backseat to other more pressing demands of a birthday kind. all week i've been walking slowly past my work room glancing in longingly at my sewing machine and other creative things, then walking back past and again and again, without finding any time in my crazy day to actually go in a do any sewing. FRUSTRATED!!!!!! you bet!!!

sorry to digress, but who in their right mind would have sex during the month of March AND get themselves pregnant to give birth in December, (with the exception of Mary obviously), 
Ben's mum!!

it catches me out every year. it's almost Christmas and i'm fully in Christmas mode, then, shock horror it's Ben's birthday and everything Christmas must stop for at least a day.
so, this year i made a cake, i don't love cake and i don't love making cake even more, especially in 35 degrees C, but i managed it for love. despite also having a sick child at home with me.

so there you have it, my creative juices flowed in 35 degrees C, making a cake and decorating it all for love and with the help of my gorgeous boys, who ate most of the decorations before they made it onto the cake. so, it was all worth it as I have 3 very happy boys in the house. check out the pics. ....