Friday, November 5, 2010

it's actually about me

some people believe it’s a blessing to be born with the ‘creative gene’. However, my experience over the past 6 years has proved it can also be a curse. Accepting that nagging urge and finding time and space to expand that creative gene has slowly been turning into a personal obsession.

For me at this juncture, it’s the need to escape the daily drudge of chores, which seem to consume my entire being since giving birth to my two beautiful children. The absolute boredom and relentlessness I feel while I’m sorting through yet another pile of washing, forces my brain to digress to far more interesting pursuits of an arty kind.

I have regularly felt utter frustration when a brilliant creative idea has to be put on hold, for the foreseeable future, while the next poohey nappy needs to be changed or that very uninspiring pile of washing needs to be put away, or the crusty dishes from breakfast still need attention. The list is endless and it seems a mother’s work is never done. However, my current predicament has enabled me to learn to prioritise tasks much more effectively than before, (meaning my house isn’t as clean as it used to be and my children eat fish fingers and baked beans more regularly than they should).
Letting go of a tiny bit of that debilitating emotion, Mother guilt, feels truly liberating. And guess what? My children are still alive and more than that, they are very happy children. 

so at this point in time I do what I can to keep my creative juices flowing.I pick up my camera when I can and make quick sketches when I can, I cook new recipes and make cards and paint with the boys.

most recently, I organised and taught a team of mum's to make tissue paper flowers as decorations for the school fundraiser, which turned out to be very successful. 
I'm hoping this will keep me going until I begin the crazy Christmas making month.
More on that later.......


  1. I am BESIDE MYSELF THRILLED that you started this Amy!! You bloody legend.

    You are more than creative - you bounce with creativity. And so SO glad to see you on the blogosphere as you find more and more ways to outlet that creativity.

    Legend! xx

  2. well done blog-girl!!!!
    it's a slippery slope from here - you'll be up blogging every night before you know it....then there's twitter and on and on....
    there is a whole lovely world of bloglife to explore - enjoy!