Thursday, June 30, 2011

Loving winter!

I have to admit that although I adore summer and all our beach days, winter in Sydney is still my favourite time. 

It's closer to the climate I grew up in, I don't have to face the world in an embarrassing pool of sweat, I don't have to be quite so vigilant with the sunscreen, (which can add at least half an hour to our morning schedule), and I can move around much more quickly, if I feel like it.
Ah!, winter! An excuse not go out in the evenings and snuggle up with loved ones, to drink red wine and eat soup. I'm a much happier person in winter.

I love going to the park with the boys, and walking/running, scooting, bike riding and feeding the ducks. 

I love our new pot belly fire in the back garden and baking potatoes in it. It reminds me of November the 5th. I even found some sparklers in the kitchen draw last weekend and we had a great time.
The boys also enjoyed learning how charcoal is made and even produced some lovely drawings with it, closely supervised of course.

Here's some photos that warm my heart.