Tuesday, July 5, 2011

QUIETLY SHUT THE DOOR!!!!!! Then listen to the boys sing as loud as they can right outside!

Here we are again, in the midst of a 2 and half week school holiday. I swear I am trying to stay on top of the situation, but the cracks in my patience are already starting to appear, which is NOT a good place to be, especially when it's only day 3. 
Is this normal? Please can I have a paid job now!!

I do have a strategy. It's quite simple. 
- Go out every day, whatever the weather
- Speak quietly, wherever possible
- Stay off the wine because although it helps in the moment, the next day is much much harder to cope with
- Bake many beautiful cakes to avoid expensive coffee stops, when a skinny flat just isn't enough, especially with 2 little voices demanding banana bread
- Move as much as possible to burn off all the excess wine and beautiful cakes ;-)
- Be creative

My decision early on was not to sign Dylan up for lots of school holiday camps, mainly because we're supposed to be watching the dollars, plus, its only 2 and a half weeks. Easy Peezy, right! Play dates with friends, picnics in the park, perhaps even a day at the zoo. Lovely!! We can spend some quality time together, without the mad school rush every morning. 

EXCEPT!, as all yummy mummy's know, it's still a whole 12 hours of parental care and entertainment, usually without so much as a pee break. Added to the fact that the cupboards are bare and a trip to the yocal shops are unavoidable. Ahhhh! The nightmare appears, as does a vision of myself institutionalised because I have finally admitted to turning to 'Mummy's ickle helper' a little too often.

Here we are!!

Yesterday was a good, creative day!

We invited 5 of Dylan's friends over to our house to join in a screen printing workshop. It was lovely. We all had a great time and the children were very proud to wear their fabulous creations, which were completely designed and made by themselves, with a tiny bit of help.

Huge Thank you to 

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